Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry was established to become a major source of information for those who want to have in-depth knowledge of poetic and cognitive sciences. Therefore, the library administration was keen to provide all the tools needed to achieve such higher scientific goals. The library has been transformed in part to a digital library that employs a number of servers and a network connected to user terminals. Main library services include:

1. Information Services
I. Library orientation: The library provides guidance on how to use the library resources, catalogs, and the different tools available so that users can have optimal benefit of their visits.
II. Reference service: The library provides reference services, i.e. replying to visitors' questions and queries by a panel of information professionals who help users find the required information easily.
III. Electronic search in library catalogs and databases: users are invited to search electronic catalogs and full-text databases in order to find their required information.
IV. Reading areas: The library has provided special areas for reading, latest equipment, comfortable seats and tables, and sufficient space to create an atmosphere suitable for reading and studying.
V. Bibliographic service: The library prepares subject bibliographies of information resources, depending on the technologies available at the library, through its in-house collections, or the bibliographies and indexes of intellectual products other than the library's collections, which help users and researchers to survey the information resources of the subject in question.
VI. Internet service: Internet service is available throughout the library which is covered by several access points to accommodate patrons with laptops who require Internet access. In addition, there is a special Internet room on the ground floor. The library was keen to acquire special Internet-browsing software for visually impaired users.
VII. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI): The library provides this service which depends on maintaining users' profiles, including their areas of interest in order to inform them of the arrival of resources related to their fields of interest by different means.
VIII. Current Awareness Service (CAS): The library provides this service to regularly inform users of the new information resources received by the library, through various methods of presentation, such as photocopying lists of periodicals received by the library and dispatching these lists to users, exhibiting book covers at the library's entrance, and issuing a newsletter of new acquisitions.
IX. Searching the Arab databank "AskZad": This service enables users to access full media and advertising materials easily.

2. Special Needs Services

The library is concerned about serving users with special needs. Therefore, great efforts were made to facilitate their searching and reading tasks. As a result, a collection of unique services has been provided, including:

I. Ibsaar (Vision) software: Voice recognition software for the blind or the visually impaired, which enables them to use computers and surf the Internet with voice commands.
II. Poetry books printed in Braille: The library was keen to provide a collection of books printed in Braille, at the request of Mr. Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain, to help blind people read and enjoy Arabic poetry.
III. Entrances: Entrances were designed in a special way and equipped with ramps so that users with special needs can enter the library easily. In addition, elevators were provided, which lead to all library services, collections and reading areas.

3. Photocopying serviceŅ

The library provides photocopying service of its collection, provided that all copying falls within copyright regulations.

4. Technical Features

Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry is the first digital library specializing in classical and modern Arab poetry. Therefore, it uses the latest technologies in all phases of its work, including a wide array of search and development tools and applications that aim at helping the library's staff and users retrieve relevant information.

The most important technical features adopted by the library include:

1. Technical and administrative processes of the library are performed through an integrated library system that employs the Arabic version of MARC (machine readable cataloging).

2. The library provides electronic catalogs which help users save the time and effort that would have been spent on searching the traditional card catalog.

3. The basic infrastructure is prepared on the library's main server, which includes the management systems, several basic servers and DSL Internet connection.

4. The building is designed in a way that makes it a "smart building", as visitors are able to connect directly to the Internet, from anywhere in the library, through their laptops.

5. The library is equipped with an integrated security system.

6. The library employs Internet video-conferencing techniques to broadcast cultural activities and poetry gatherings directly to visitors.

7. The library is equipped with the latest software that fulfill the needs of its users

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